Cake : electric motorbikes

Cake : Electric motorbikes Mobile Landing Page Challenge : The goal of this project was to create a mobile landing page for a digital product ( a website for electric motorbikes called ‘Cake’) aimed at city commuters who care about reducing their impact when they travel around the city. PROJECT TIMELINE 01. UNDERSTANDING THE USER […]


AfreeK SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Challenge: Developing an Effective Social Media Strategy for the digital platform Afreek. Objective: To outline a social media strategy that aligns with Afreek’s goals and effectively supports the organization in achieving its mission of supporting associations in project development, mobilizing financial partners, pooling skills, promoting cooperation, giving visibility to associative actions, […]

ticha : magazine

magazine LAYOUT Challenge: create an autobiographical magazine by designing a layout that mimics an existing magazine. You will need to write a self-created text that talks about yourself and choose appropriate images to accompany the text. AUTOBIORAGHIC MAGAZINE With this magazine (layout based on “etape” magazine) I wanted to present myself through a text that […]

L’oréal – Terraé

TERRAé PACKAGING Challenge: Analyze the L’Oréal brand and develop a visual identity and packaging concept for their new organic range called “Terrae.” Target audience: Individuals, regardless of gender, who prioritize conscious consumption, actively seek organic, fair-trade, and cosmetics that are beneficial for their skin and overall well-being. L’Oréal’s Organic Range To visually communicate the organic […]

Être et durer

Documentary The scene takes place in Paris. Arnaud and Dali are jumping from one rooftop to another with flexibility and dexterity. I spent an afternoon with Arnaud and Dali, two professionals of parkour, on an excursion to explore the rooftops. They generously allowed me to observe and document their practice of this sport. Through my […]

The Corner

THe corner VISUAL IDENTITY Challenge : Conduct market research, create a hotel concept, and develop its visual identity. Chosen target audience: Mixed, musicians, music enthusiasts, travelers, groups, and young adults (ages 18-35). Music brings people together. It has no borders or languages. The concept is centered around bringing people together through music, specifically rock music […]

Elements melody

The element melody INTERACTIVE DESIGN Challenge : The goal of this project was to create an interactive design that responds directly to the outside world. The concept was open-ended, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities as long as the final product was interactive. CONCEPT “Element Melody” explores the idea that the natural world […]

My photos

PHOTOS Photography works Description: My photography projects are inspired by my excursions and aim to capture life’s moments, cultural elements, and atmospheres that I find intriguing. Step into my world of visual storytelling, where each click of the shutter freezes a moment in time and brings it to life. From bustling city streets to quiet […]